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Kay McDonnell

A love of working with wool has been a consistent thread throughout Kay’s life, from her earliest days of learning to knit and crochet to studying spinning, weaving, natural dyeing and design at TAFE. In recent years the discovery of felting has inspired Kay on a new path of learning and creativity.

Felting with wool provides Kay with a medium that lends itself to amazing versatility, from sturdy 3D items such as bags, vessels and sculpture to garments of extreme lightness and drape. Surfaces vary from those of texture to those of precise design and shape, aided by the use of fabrics, silk, yarn and embellishment with stitch.

To enhance her skills, Kay has attended many workshops with renowned Australian and overseas tutors, and is still constantly refining her skills.

Concern for the environment inspires Kay to create pieces which raise ecological issues or pieces which reflect the uniqueness and beauty of our surroundings.

Works by Kay McDonnell

Kay McDonnell-Dragonflies
Textiles - felted, wool, silk fabric, buttons - Wearable
Kay McDonnell-Mature v man-bag
Nature v man
Textiles - Felted - wool, Silk, hand stitched
Kay McDonnell-Tranquility-pot
Textiles - felting - woo, silk, hand stitched
Kay McDonnell-Tea Tree Flower
Tea Tree
Textiles - Felting - wool, mohair, hand embroidered -Wearable